Is infidelity the matter of men only?


Certainly, we have all met with infidelity, whether it met people around us or ourselves. We all know how it hurts, and how such a treading can break something we've been creating for years. Sometimes the person is unfaithful only from whims and boredom. Sometimes unreliable problems are related to the relationship, dissatisfaction and inability to say something frankly. Earlier I have written an article about honesty and openness. And sometimes there are feelings involved in infidelity, and this is a sign of an ending relationship. Such an unbelief like this is bitter and the worst. It is the most painful because we know that we have lost the other half for good. It´s a one-way street, there is no way back, and we must deal with the painful emptiness left in us.

But how is it with infidelity in men and how in women?

Are men about to be exposed to greater temptation, and their by nature weak will is a constant test for them how they will go through their relationship?

One of my close friends told me that men have it differently. That they have got it harder. They are constantly on alert and their sensors light up every time they see a woman. Even if she is more or is less beautiful. Full, lean or undernourished. Their sensor is switched on nonstop. One would have even regretted them.

Now let's look at it from the other side.
Not one of my in-relationship friends was talking colorfully about the man she had just met.

"Do you know the guys in the pubs they are talking about the well-built and goddamned feminine?" There was nothing else in my friend´s story as in theirs, she just hadn´t saliva flow by her mouth.

Both men and women were gifted with sexual appetite, some more, some less. But they were. Just as I know a lot of women who do not talk about their sex life and appetite, as well I know women who do not hesitate to show their desire in their full beauty. The same is story of men. Not everybody was born to sow the seed everywhere the wind blows. Women are more restrained in such sensitive topics in the public. They will tell each other everything, but as soon as a man appears in their surroundings, you rarely hear the same speech as it is with most males. And that is just because the women on this planet holding a gentle sex and still hoping for a romantic and loving relationship. We are divided , not only on women and men, but on people who are more gentle, wiser, more understanding, more open and on the other hand more closed, stronger, more radical and emotionally more stable.

But we all know that is not true after all, and it is not always so on. We know a lot of leading, strong and emancipated women and, on the other hand, a sensitive, kind and family-longing men.
There are many different people in the world, with different beliefs, skin color and sex orientation. But if we admit it or not, we all end up looking for someone's arms, at the end of the day to sit next to a familiar face and to say what kind of day we had, to share our worries and joy. And even we have started as separate units to crawl in the career ladder as high as possible, in a few years we will wish to have someone with whom we will share our success.

And here's the answer to the question

Is infidelity just a matter of men?

It is a question of weak individuals. Question and choice. There is no difference between a man and a woman. There is a difference between a weak and a strong individual who succumbs or resists in a weak moment.

Whether your relationship is somehow disturbed, try first to repair what is broken. If your relationship does not work anymore, do not harm your partner because of your lust, because one day you could appear in the position of your deceased partner and could experience yourself as bitter and painful could it be when a beloved person cheats on you.

Therefore, always deal honestly with people, whether the reality is anyhow hard, because without any admittance as well as of subsequent forgiveness after time you will never be able to move on.