I did not know how to aim this blog exactly, if to point just on recipes or articles and reviews or eventually to create two separate blogs. So, I decided to try to combine everything, but as a healthy food lover, I would mainly focus on food as on very discussed and sometimes controversial topic of these days. And as the name suggests, a healthy body goes hand in hand with a healthy mind and vice versa:)

I will try to collect various information and insights for you, whether it's healthy food and products. My personal experiences with them and subsequent reviews. You will find articles here too, in which many of you will meet yourself, because these are the reflections of life we are dealing daily with and sometimes we are struggling to find an answer to them.

And finally, a regular supply of healthy and sweet recipes you will not find anywhere else:)

"To criticize - it means to convince the author, that he does not do it the way as I would, if I knew." Karel Čapek